Week 7 SBC: Emojis!

I decided to create a story using byrdseed.com. I did this before, but this time I decided to make my story a little more detailed. Here are my emojis:

I was super excited to go to the zoo! Before I left my house, I checked the zoo’s website. There were going to be Pandas, camels, and even some snails! I decided to get there by taking a train. Getting inside the train, something lingered in the air. It was a bad smell. I couldn’t even describe how bad it smelt. I wasn’t super thrilled, but I sat down in a seat that was half torn. Could this get any worse? Getting to the zoo, there were ambulances everywhere. The zoo was closed because there was a biking accident. Somebody was biking and fell, but they shouldn’t have been biking in the first place. I was very upset I couldn’t go to the zoo anymore, so I went back on the smelly train. I got home, and felt relieved I was finally back. Next time I’m driving for sure!

2 thoughts on “Week 7 SBC: Emojis!

  1. Hi Eleanor!

    Your story is very well done — nice job! That was quite a job weaving such a creative story out of that combination of emojis! I thought your story flowed together well. I especially enjoyed the part about the biking accident and the fact the person shouldn’t have been biking in the first place!

    Do you like writing? I hope you are enjoying the blogging challenge and learning a lot. I know I sure have. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

    Teri — #stubc commentor

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